Art, Craft, and Content

Why would two artists, each comfortable in their own work, endeavor to undertake a collaborative effort such as the one we have?  Because we found in each other allied concerns regarding Art, craft, and overall philosophy of art making.  And by forming this fellowship we have reinvigorated our attitudes about the creative process, and a desire to articulate this and produce a body of work that represents this approach, outlined below.

A Philosophy of the Art Object

The Good      Art that is Art and Craft that is Art equals objects that are equal parts content, technique, and personal expression (transcendent).

The Bad         Art that is Craft and Craft that is Craft equals objects that have little or no conceptual foundation and rely exclusively on technique (decorative).

The Ugly        Art and Craft that rely too heavily on concept and exhibit little or no interest in the sensitive utilization of materials and techniques and the visual manifestation of those ideas (conceptual).


These general classifications are the prism through which we view most artwork. Our respective educational experiences, subsequent years as visual artists, and viewers of Art Objects (two or three dimensional), have resulted in a thorough distrust of Artistic work that relies too heavily (exclusively) on either technique or concept.  We have tried to produce artwork that plies a middle path. This requires consideration of the content (which is generally personally relevant), as well as the competent, sensitive use of our respectively chosen media.  We attempt to mine the fertile nexus between object and concept while striving to make art that is not only well crafted, but also visually interesting.  In doing so we are not pursuing a sentimental quest for a prior era, but ultimately a reinvigorated vision of the Artful Object.