The website is focused on presenting the work of James R. White and Joe B. Milosevich -alone and together. At a core level, collaboration in our case has occurred in an on-going and sustained conversation about content, concept, process, and to some extent media. Collaboration for us means discussing a piece (either as an abstract idea and/or a work in progress) and cooperatively deciding how to utilize the materials, compose the piece, and ultimately fabricate the object. At times this has been simply a general conversation or suggestion made to one another about how to proceed in a piece, while in other cases a carefully planned or reasoned arrangement of materials takes place that is perhaps more emblematic of a traditional artistic collaboration. In some cases the collaborative effort is quite obvious and direct, while in others it may require prompting to reveal its subtle influences.  As educators and artists we feel strongly about the role teaching, learning, and practice play in making effective art objects. This website is presented as one perspective of collaborative art making.  We hope it proves insightful to the process, rhythm, and outcome of making collaborative artwork.

James R. White
Joe B. Milosevich