James R. White


James White was born in Portland, Oregon in 1968. Raised and educated in the Pacific Northwest, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Religion at the University Of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington. After a year of teaching English in Tokyo, Japan he returned to UPS and finished a second undergraduate degree in studio art. Upon completing his undergraduate studies James was accepted into the MFA program in ceramics at the School for American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology. After receiving his master’s degree in 1997, he traveled to Kanazawa, Japan and had the distinction of being the first non-Japanese apprentice at the pottery studio of Chozaemon Ohi, a family renowned over 11 generations for their production of ceramic vessels used in the Japanese Tea ceremony. From 2000-2009 he was a full time faculty member teaching ceramics and design courses at Joliet Junior College in Joliet, Illinois. He and his family recently relocated to his hometown of Portland, Oregon where he teaches at Portland Community College and works as a studio artist. He is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist.