James R. White


As a child and young person, I enjoyed making things. This has continued into my adult life. Like many artists I suppose some of the “why” I make Art is driven by my ego, striving to justify and document a personal perspective as viewed from my life.  Following my formal academic training my work focused primarily on investigating my own ideas about spirituality through the construction of a visually abstract body of work. Lately I have been more concerned with incorporating some representational components in an effort to communicate with a wider audience. Specifically I have been using sources that range from cartographic references to the inclusion of “pop culture trinketry.” I am interested in it all – and specifically how our individual journeys intricate and finite as they are – build a collective history.  I intend these objects to be visually poetic sculptures that combine equal parts personal connection, exquisite craftsmanship, and robust intellectual content blended to present a unique visual object.  I hope this vision is resonant with others whether the individual sculpture focuses on a journey, an event, a portrait, or a state of mind.