Joe B. Milosevich


While my visual work is typically termed “found object sculpture,” I prefer to reference it as “collected object assemblage.” For as long as I can remember, I have formally and informally collected or accumulated objects that inspire me. In my childhood, I assembled collections of rocks, leaves, insects, bird feathers, army men, dinosaurs, coins, stamps, and models of various kinds including birds, knights, and monsters. I have always been a pack rat in regards to hoarding family keepsakes and to this day, I relish the opportunity to wade through souvenir shops and thrift stores in search of “grail” objects.

Objects are glorious trophies, powerful icons, and magical talismans that are packed full of metaphorical content. The real world familiarity of the collected objects I assemble has the power to establish a profound and immediate connection with the viewer. The ornate complexity and attention to craftsmanship present in my assemblages serve to create a traditional sense of beauty and retain the attention of their audiences.

I strive to create art objects that are layered with content that is both genuine and accessible.  Even though my work is incredibly introverted and autobiographical in its origins, I am not interested in creating art that is overly cryptic or heavily self-indulgent. I utilize art-making as a way to investigate and communicate my existence. I take great joy in celebrating the puzzle parts of my life journey by paying homage to the people, places, events, and objects that have had profound impact upon me. I consider such “keepsakes of life” precious and seek to enshrine them through my work.  Within these collected object assemblages, I hope to have given and continue to give universal thoughts, unique visualizations.